Trouble's Page

Trouble's Pedigree

BGH GCH Natural's All She Can Get Away With

Owner / Breeder: Tom & Sharon Frampton
Date Of Birth: 8/30/2011
CERF normal, prcd-PRA clear, PLL clear, Patella normal

Trouble’s nickname is “Trouble-Bubble” because she has the most bubbling personality that can cause her to get into trouble whenever she can. From barking at a noise she hears off in the distance . . . digging for critters underground . . . yet affectionately kissing you whenever and as often as she can . . . snuggling with you to sleep in your arms like an angel. She is a fun dog and enjoys life to the fullest. Trouble is a Multiple Specialty Winner, and in May of 2015 she was awarded Best of Breed at the American Chinese Crested Club's National!